"Mourinho" Ngeb! Spurs emphasized to strengthen the army with free football

05 May

This event has money for Jose Mourinho, manager Tottenham Hot Spurs, because the latest news. "Chicken Golden Spikes" is mainly focused on signing free football. For additional troops after this season.Tottenham Hotspur, the famous club of the English Premier League stage, has plans to strengthen the army after this season. By focusing on signing with a free agent football player Including loan deals, according to a report from Evening Standard, the city's elite media. On Monday, May 4, past Spurs are determined to return to the club to win the Premier League title and win success in the European arena. There is speculation that Jose Mourinho, the Portuguese team manager. Should have a huge budget for the team after this season.However, from the crisis of virus spread "Covid-19", each club is affected. Especially in finance and most recently, Evening Standard states that "Golden Spur Chicken" will focus primarily on free football and loan deals. Which may also include players exchange deals For strengthening through the next season For this season, the Premier League is not clear that Will be able to kick back again or not After being suspended for a long time since March

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